COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment


To inspect the properties in your simulation, go to the Flowsheet Configuration window and open the Properties page.

The properties shown at this page is the union of all properties that are defined by all loaded Property packages.

You cannot add or remove properties directly to the simulation, since properties are defined by the property packages in use. To add properties to your simulation, make sure to add them to all property packages that you require to be able to calculate these properties. Adding properties to a property package automatically makes that the properties are present in the simulation. Similarly, in order to remove a property from the simulation, make sure to remove it from all the property packages that are in use.

COFE will only support properties that are defined in the props.ini file in the COCO data folder. See defining properties.

For each property, you can change the way it is displayed in the Stream Display. For each phase-type and two-phase-type combination, you can choose whether to show Mixture type, Pure type, both or none. Also, you can change the units that will be used for the property when it is displayed.

Surface tension is a special case here. Surface tension in CAPE-OPEN 1.1 is a two-phase property. Surface tension enabled for CAPE-OPEN v.1.1 property packages for a single liquid phase, is calculated on a duplicate material object where the vapor phase is populated with the same temperature, pressure and composition as the liquid phase. Many models ignore the vapor phase, but models for which vapor phase composition is taken into account, will see the same composition for the vapor as for the liquid, when calculated for a single phase liquid.