COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment


Welcome to COCO.

COCO is a CAPE-OPEN compatible simulation environment. It consists of the following 4 parts:

COFE: CAPE-OPEN Flow-sheeting Environment
TEA: Thermodynamics for Engineering Applications
COUSCOUS: CAPE-OPEN Unit-operations (Simple)
CORN: CAPE-OPEN Reaction Numerics

The following additional utilities are available:
Water: IAPWS-97 based steam and water property package
CORK: the CAPE-OPEN Registry Kit
OATS: out-of-process thermo server and CAPE-OPEN logging tool; includes unit operation logger tool COULIS
COFE.xlt: a Microsoft ExcelTM spread-sheet template designed to include a COFE document in an Excel workbook
JUIcE: an editor for unit operation icons
TERNYP: TERNarY Plugin. Creation of phase diagrams, property plots and residue curves of ternary systems
COFEStand: COFE stand-alone command line based flowsheet solver utility
ConfigureTEA: a utility application to configure and maintain TEA property packages
ConfigureCORN: a utility application to configure and maintain CORN reaction packages
CUP: COCO Update utility for online software updates

Third party components that are shipped with COCO:
ChemSep LITE: ChemSep is a program for performing multi-component separation process calculations
COSMOtherm LITE: COSMOtherm is a program for the quantitative calculation of solvation mixture thermodynamics based on quantum chemistry
CAPE-OPEN type libraries: type libraries required for CAPE-OPEN development and CAPE-OPEN based inter-process communication
EPA WAR and .NET CAPE-OPEN: WAR plugin and .NET CAPE-OPEN libraries (External link)
Excel Unit Operation: unit operation using Microsoft ExcelTM as calculation engine (External link)

For additional resources and information on COCO, please visit the COCO web site.

COCO is developed and maintained by AmsterCHEM.


Harry and Ross provided us with the pure component data bank and ChemSep's thermodynamic model library. TEA's thermodynamic property calculation methods are largely based on ChemSep's model library.

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this software uses SUNDIALS solvers, Copyright (C) 2002, The Regents of the University of California. Produced at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, written by S.D. Cohen, A.C. Hindmarsh, R. Serban, D. Shumaker, and A.G. Taylor. All rights reserved.

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