COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

Creating plots

To create a plot, choose Create from the Plot menu and select the type of plot you want to create. Depending on the type of plot, you will be asked to provide additional information on what to plot.

By default, plots are shown in a separate window. Most plots can be embedded in the flowsheet as well however. Upon creation, you can indicate whether you want to embed the plot. Once the plot is created in a view, you can embed the plot by selecting Embed from the Plot menu. Embedded plots can be taken out of the flowsheet into a separate view (right click on the plot).

To edit an embedded plot, double click on the plot.

Once a plot is created, you can add series to a plot by selecting Add Series from the Plot menu. You can only add series to a plot that are consistent with the type of plot; for example, you can only add temperature series to a temperature plot.

Plot types

The following plot types are currently available: