COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

Document Explorer

The Document Explorer quickly allows access to the open documents in COFE, and each of the views that are open for each document. So quickly switch to a particular document, just click on the document in the Document Explorer. This will activate the most recently used view. To quickly select a particular view, just click on the desired view in the Document Explorer.

The Settings node on each view will allow quick access to the Flowsheet Configuration dialog.

To open a document's Properties, or to close a document, right click on the Document node. To quickly close a particular view, right click on the view. Closing the last Flowsheet view will close the entire Document.

The Document Explorer can be shown or hidden from the View menu, and by default docks to the left side of the COFE window; the Document Explorer window can also be undocked, or docked to the right side of the COFE window; use the mouse to drag the Document Explorer window to its desired position.