COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

Unit operation icons

Unit operations can be given an icon. To select an icon for a unit operation, use the Icon menu that appears when you click with the right mouse button on the unit operation. From here, you can select, remove, rotate and mirror icons.

To select an icon for a unit operation, use the Select Icon menu. A dialog will pop up that allows you to choose from all the unit operation icons that are present in the UnitIcons folder structure in the COCO installation folder. When you make a selection, you can indicate to always use the selected icon in the future when you create unit operations of the current type.

A unit operation icon consists of graphics elements, connection points, label location and scaling information. Icons are stored as textual information. Icons that have been selected on unit operations are saved with the simulation document, and will not change if you change the icon source file that it was created from.

If no icon is selected for a unit operation, it will display as a rectangle, with connections at all borders.

If you have used all connection points that are defined for the unit operation icon, you can no longer connect streams.

Note to unit operation developers: COFE allows programmatically setting the icon. To do this, create a valid COFE icon file (*.uic) using a text editor or JUIcE. The unit operation can use the ICOFEIcon interface (defined in COFE.tlb) exposed by the COFE simulation context (if you cannot obtain this interface you are likely not running in COFE). The recommended place for doing so is during put_SimulationContext if the unit operation has not been loaded from storage; call the ICOFEIcon::SetUnitOperationIcon method with as argument the full path to your icon file. This procedure works properly since COFE version

Unit operation labels

You can manipulate the label that shows for a unit operation by using the Label menu that pops up when you right click the unit operation (only if a unit icon is selected).

You can rotate, move, show and hide the label for a unit operation. The icon label matches the unit name, so rename the unit operation to change its label.

Unit operation labels will not be shown if the unit operation label display is turned off in the View menu.