COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

JUIcE: Just a Unit ICon Editor

JUIcE is a utility program for creating and maintaining icons for use with unit operations.

Unit icon files are text file with file extension *.uic. The unit icons that are installed with COCO are located in the UnitIcons sub-folder of the COCO installation folder. User unit icons can be added to the Uniticons sub-folder of the [Application data]\COCO folder. User unit icons take precedence over pre-installed unit icons with the same name.

You can edit unit icon files by hand - using a text editor - or you can use JUIcE.

While working with icon files, visible elements, connection elements and freespace elements appear in the tree on the left of the icon as shown. You can select individual elements to highlite them in the drawing. Double click an element in the tree to change its properties.

You can add a new element by selecting Add from the Edit menu.

You can move selected elements up and down in the stacking order, by holding down Ctrl and using the arrow keys. Delete a selected element by clicking Del.

The icon dimensions and scalability can be changed by selecting Properties from the Edit menu. The optional label location can be changed by selecting Label from the Edit menu. The label will only show if a label location is specified. You can change the comments in the icon file by selecting Comments from the Edit menu.

While editing, warnings and errors automatically appear in the bottom status pane. You cannot save the file if there are errors. Saving is allowed when warnings are present.

See icon file format for a short description of each of the possible elements.