COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment


COFE provides a tool to calculate properties, reaction properties and equilibria at any given condition. To open the calculator tool, select Calculator from the Flowsheet menu, or press F4. You can only enter the calculator, if at least one property package is existing in your simulation.

When the calculator is open, you will first have to select one of the following types of calculations:

You will be guided through the specification for your calculation. Not necessarily all the data that you can enter is required. For example, when calculating bubble point temperature there is no need to specify Temperature, but the calculation will likely fail if you do not specify Pressure.

To open the calculator using all the data of an existing stream, right click on the stream and select Calculator For This Stream. To open the calculator using all the data of an existing temperature or pressure plot series, right click on the series and choose Open Calculator For This Series.

Select Use Mole Fraction or Use Mass Fractions from the Calculator menu to switch the Calculator tool to mole or mass fractions for compositions and phase fractions.

To use the data in another application, use Copy from the Edit menu. The data will be on the clipboard in textual, tab delimited format, ready to paste in any spread sheet application.

Expressions are accepted for all real inputs in the calculator.