COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

Thermal Energy Splitter

The splitter is used to split a single thermal energy inlet to multiple outlets.

Outlets can be added and removed from the splitter user interface. For each outlets but the last one, a split factor must be specified. The split factor for the last outlet is determined by energy balance; the sum of all split factors is unity. The work will be divided over the outlet ports according to the split factors.

In addition to work, thermal energy streams contain the limits between which energy is produced (positive sign) or consumed (negative sign). By default, if the temperature limits are available on the feed stream, the feed stream temperature range is split up according to the split factors, assuming linear energy consumption or production vs temperature, and the lowest temperatures are assigned to the first outlet port, the next outlet port will receive the next temperature range and so on, such that the highest temperatures will be assigned to the last outlet port. This behaviour can be overridden by selecting the option to assign equal temperatures to all outlet ports, or to suppress the temperature limits altogether.