COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

Flowsheet report

To generate a textual flowsheet report, select Report from the flowsheet menu or hit Ctrl+T. The flowsheet report shows the following items


When selecting the flowsheet report, the flowsheet report configuration is shown. Apart from the above items that are indicated as configurable, you can indicate the desired line length, number of digits for reporting numbers and tab stop size (in case of unit operation reports containing tabs).

The composition threshold sets a value below which compounds are reported as absent. Compounds with a composition fraction less than the specified value show as having zero composition and zero component flow.

The column sizes for tables are automatically determined from the entries that will appear. The line length will be adjusted if it is too small to contain a table with at least one data column.

Report window

The report will show in a textual report window; by default this is a View that can be kept open while working with the flowsheet. As long as the flowsheet is not modified, the Report View title will include "up-to-date". Multiple reports at different solutions can be open at the same time. Hit Ctrl+S to save the report as text file. If multiple views cannot be opened (such as in embedded flowsheets, the report will show in a modal dialog. Hit ESC to close the report.