COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment


TERNYP implements a Flowsheet Monitoring Object and can be added to your flowsheet as a plug-in or add-in. It is useful for making 3D plots of ternary systems.

To use TERNYP, add TERNYP to the flowsheet as plug-in or add-in (depending on the simulation environment). Then activate TERNYP. TERNYP requires information on thermodynamic and on which compound to use. First, select a stream type or stream definition. Then, select exactly three compounds that make up the ternary system you are interested in.

TERNYP allows for creating the following kinds of plots:

You can rotate the resulting plot by using the left mouse button. The window can be resized when the plot is visible. Click Finish to close the window, or Back to perform another calculation.