COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

Stream display

To modify or inspect the content of a stream, open the stream in the Stream Display. To open a single stream in the Stream Display, select the stream and choose Edit / View streams from the flowsheet menu, or use the Edit Stream button on the toolbar, or press F10.

By default, the Stream Display will open as a new view, that can remain open while you are making your changes. Multiple Stream Displays can be opened at the same time. If you start editing a selection of streams for which a Stream Display is already open, this will be activated rather than creating a new Stream Display. A modal dialog will be shown instead if you hold down Ctrl when starting the Stream Display.

To open all streams connected to a unit operation, select the unit operation, and then choose Edit Streams. The Stream Display will contain all selected streams and all streams connected to selected unit operations. If nothing is selected, all streams will be opened in the Stream Display.

To open or close a section of information in the stream dialog, click on the gray section title bar. The green triangle will indicate open and closed sections. Sections are only present if there is information to show in the sections.

You can add or remove streams in an open dialog and change the display order of streams by using the menu that pops up when you click the stream header, or when you right-click on stream data.

To modify a value, click on it. Expressions are accepted for all real inputs. To modify the unit / dimension of a value, click on it. This will modify the dimension for all values of the same property. Not all values of a stream can be modified; in general only the values of the Overall section and the name and description in the Stream section can be modified. If you attempt to modify vapor phase fraction, an equilibrium calculation at fixed vapor fraction will be attempted. Clicking on values that cannot be modified has no effect.

The stream display allows to specify temperature, pressure, composition and total flow directly. If you want to make a specification using vapor fraction, first make a complete specification based on pressure and temperature at which vapor is present. Next, click on the displayed value of vapor fraction to set its value. You will have to specify whether you want pressure or temperature to remain at its specified value.

Similarly, to specify a combination of overall enthalpy or entropy (or enthalpyF or entropyF) and pressure or temperature, make sure that overall enthalpy or entropy are displayed, and then click on it.

The order in which the streams appear in the Stream Display corresponds to the Stream Order in the Flowsheet Configuration. You can manually change the order of streams, by right clicking on the stream data and select To Left, To Right, To First or To Last.

The properties that are displayed in the Stream Display can be chosen from the Properties page of the Flowsheet Configuration window.

Properties that are shown in the Stream Display can be added to the Watches by using the menu that pops up when right-clicking the value.

Initial guess and reset

All values present on streams that are not feed streams (i.e. streams of which the starting point is connected to a unit operation) will serve as initial guess for recycles.

Values explicitly set on streams serve as reset values. This is, if you reset a stream, these values will be restored on the stream. You can reset a stream by choosing reset from the menu that pops up if you click the right mouse button on the stream in the flowsheet view. If you reset the whole flowsheet (by using the button on the toolbar, or the menu), all streams will be reset to values that have been manually set on the stream, or empty values if no values have been set for a stream.

Therefore, after resetting the flowsheet, manually set values will serve as initial guesses. To clear manually set values, edit the value as described above, and leave it blank or type N/A. A quick way to remove all values from a stream is clicking on the stream in the flowsheet with the right mouse button, and select Wipe from the menu that pops up.