COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment


CAPE-OPEN Unit-operations (Simple)

COUSCOUS is a collection of CAPE-OPEN compliant unit operations. It can be used in CAPE-OPEN flowsheeting environments like COFE to model steady state operation of chemical processes.

COUSCOUS' unit operations can do all the thermodynamic and physical property calls either in the CAPE-OPEN version 1.0 or CAPE-OPEN version 1.1 standard. Each unit operation is equipped with a parameter to select the version of the thermo standard. Currently, all unit operations by default use version 1.0.

The following unit operations are implemented in COUSCOUS:

All unit operations in COUSCOUS will require all material ports (inlets and outlets) to be connected.

Input of real data in the dialogs of the COUSCOUS unit operation is in SI units. Expressions are accepted. COFE provides editing facilities for all parameters using units-of-measure of choice.