COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

Measure unit

The Measure Unit has one inlet material stream and one outlet material stream. It copies the content of the inlet material stream to the outlet material stream. It performs a P-VF flash in case the feed is at a phase boundary, and the resulting temperature is less then 0.1 K from the feed temperature. Otherwise it performs a P-H flash for a stream that is near enough to pure, or a T-P flash.

The purpose of the Measure Unit is to expose values that are present on the stream (temperature, pressure, flow, ...) as an information port. Edit the unit operation and go to the Measure tab. Here, you can add measured variables. To remove an existing measured variable, select it and click Delete. Multiple copies of the same measured variable can be added; multiple information ports with the same data will in this case be exposed.

Normal volumes can also be measured with this unit. These is the volume of the mixture that is being measured, in phase equilibrium at specified normal pressure and normal temperature. Normal volumes are generally used for vapours only, but in case the specified material is not (entirely) in the vapor phase at the specified normal conditions, this effect is taken into account. Normal volumes can be used for Nm3 or SCF measurements.

Information ports can be used to connect information streams.