COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

COFE interfaces and exposed objects

Most of the objects expose CAPE-OPEN interfaces directly. The CAPE-OPEN can be recognized by their naming convention, they all start with ICape. Although this document indicates to some extent which CAPE-OPEN interfaces can be expected to be implemented, for reference of the interfaces the reader is referred to the CAPE-OPEN interface specifications documents, which are available from CO-LaN, the CAPE-OPEN Laboratory Network, and partially included in these documents.

The interfaces that are exposed by COFE all start with ICOFE:

Error handling

All CAPE-OPEN interfaces should implement CAPE-OPEN error handling. For more information, see Error Common Interface from the CAPE-OPEN interface specifications. Specifically, all TEA, CORN, COUSCOUS and COFE objects return ECapeUnknownHR, and a descriptive error text can be obtained through the ECapeUser interface.

COFE may return automation other than CAPE-OPEN errors. Specifically, an error code and error description will be provided. Error codes that can be returned are:

1001invalid type for collection ID
1002index out of range
1003invalid string identifier for collection item
1004requested object is not a COM object and cannot be accessed via automation
1005invalid argument value