COCO - CAPE-OPEN to CAPE-OPEN simulation environment

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COFE screen shot
Solving a flash in COFE

using COFE in Excel
A COFE flowsheet embedded in Excel
using COFE in Excel
Calculating thermodynamic properties in Excel

mixing models
Running various models in COFE (Thermodynamic from TEA, TUV/NEL's PPDS and Infochem's Multiflash) The log and error pane helps trouble shooting simulations and developing; the logged issue was readily resolved.

COCO help
COCO's extensive online help

ASU with heat streams
Solving an air separation unit using ChemSep columns and heat integration. The color of the unit operations and streams indicates what has been solved, what is being solved and what has not yet been solved. Material streams show as solid lines, energy streams as dotted lines.

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